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Free up your cash with our commercial lending solutions

There can be any number of reasons for a business to need more cash to cover day to day expenses; for example:

  • Business is growing
  • Seasonal factors
  • Starting new work contracts
  • Debtors are taking longer to pay
  • Suppliers offering discounts
  • Cash has been used to buy property or equipment

Traditional finance for businesses such as a commercial loan or an overdraft are available, but can also be restrictive due to security requirements and terms not matching changing business needs.

Our experienced finance brokers have access to a range of facilities that can be tailored to meet your requirements plus maximise the availability of working capital in your business.

Insurance Premium Funding – Spreads the annual expense of your premiums over 12 months.

Debtor Finance – Provides immediate access to cash rather than waiting up to 90 days to collect invoices. This is often used as an alternative to an overdraft.

Trade Finance – Finances the purchase of trading stock which is repaid from their sale. Options are available that do not require additional security.

Rental – Provides options to upgrade equipment during and at end of term to ensure your business has access to the most up to date technology.

Software Funding – Software can be financed for up to a 3 year term to reduce the impact of a one off expense.

Performance Bonds – An alternative to a fully secured ‘Bank Guarantee’ or providing cash as security, a ‘Performance Bond’ can be used to meet contractual obligations and free up liquidity.

Equipment Finance – Provides certainty with a fixed rate and term structured in line with the effective life of the asset (which is the security for the loan). Don’t fall into the trap of using working capital to fund a ‘long term asset’.

In addition to these specialised solutions, commercial property loans are also available over terms up to 30 years without the need to complete regular lender reviews or security revaluations.

So if you are looking for finance options that can free up cash in your business, contact one of our specialised commercial finance brokers today.

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